Trump Jr. Under Investigation For Killing Endangered Sheep in Mongolia


President Donald Trump's eldest son is under investigation for killing an endangered sheep on a Mongolia hunting trip.

Donald Trump Jr. is facing a federal investigation for killing endangered sheep during a trophy hunting trip in Mongolia, according to Raw Story.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it will review allegations that Donald Trump Jr., may have illegally killed a rare sheep during a recent trip to Mongolia and imported parts of the animal back to the U.S.,” Roll Call reported Wednesday.

Trump Jr., President Donald Trump’s oldest son, has been accused by animal conservation activists for violating a federal wildlife anti-trafficking law after he shot and killed an argali sheep without proper permits in August.

A spokesperson for Trump Jr. on Tuesday claimed that the hunting trip was purchased in 2015 at a National Rifle Association auction and all permits were secured through a third party hunting group.

“We urge you to ensure that the protections in place for argali -- including from hunters and poachers -- are enforced and special access is not provided for wealthy, white hunters from the West, even if their father is the U.S. president,” the Center for Biological Diversity wrote in a Dec. 13 letter to FWS law enforcement.

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We are shocked as a society at the violence underway yet promote predators on every front! Ethical , kind, merciful human beings do not get thrills from slaughtering animals who never had a defense and no chance of escape from being stalked by people with high powered weapons. It's NOT hunting, it's massacre and orgs like "Hunter Nation" and International Safari, are desecrating massive numbers of wildlife, legal and NOT! A society that promotes hunting animals is a society steeped in hunting humans. We need to make that understood connection, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, that all hunting is poaching and animals rights to live their GOD GIVEN life spans are our moral obligation. Let the hunters hunt for hearts, mercy, compassion, and this world will be a safer place for children AND animals.

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