Trump Jr. To Fox: The Trump Family Is An Example Of An Immigration Success Story

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Donald Trump, Jr. also said "mass illegal immigration" damages America by leading to crime and lower wages.

Appearing on Fox News following his father’s State of the Union address, Donald Trump Jr. spoke on the issue of immigration. According to the Independent, Trump Jr., like his father, blamed immigration for many things such as a decline in American public schools.

Trump Jr. also asserted that he and his family were allies of immigration because they are examples of an immigration success story.

“My mom is an immigrant. My father’s mom is an immigrant, we’ve lived an incredible immigrant story — and a success story — in this country,” the first son said on Wednesday morning. “That said, we can’t just haphazardly let everyone come in, let everyone come into a system that they’re likely to never pay into, where they’re going to destroy our school systems, which are already so overburdened.”

Trump claimed that “mass illegal immigration” was causing damage to many Americans and led to issues such as crime, lower wages, and a “depleted social safety net.”