Trump Jr. & Kimberly G.’s Paris Trip Cost Taxpayers At Least $64k For Security

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The couple recently complained about Joe Biden’s “nepotism” and taxpayer-financed perks.

According to HuffPost, President Trump’s eldest son Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, took a trip to Paris that cost “taxpayers at least $64,000 for security.”

  • “Taxpayers shelled out at least $64,443 to safeguard the president’s eldest son and his girlfriend during a two-day visit to Paris in 2018 that included a stay at a $1,000-a-night hotel a few blocks from the Champs-Elysees, according to U.S. Secret Service records,” the report stated.
  • Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle, a fundraiser for the president’s reelection campaign, “visited the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, posting photos on social media, a few months after they began a romantic relationship,” HuffPost wrote.

“Secret Service documents show that taxpayers spent $31,104 on air travel and $23,036 for hotel rooms on July 11-12, 2018, split between the Hotel de Sers and the Prince de Galles,” the report continued. “An additional $10,303 was spent to rent three cars from an agency that offers armored vehicles.”

  • The hotels “wound up being so expensive that the agency had to seek an $8,575 ‘lodging variance’ to make up for the overrun beyond the $14,460 estimate,” HuffPost added.
  • “Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle, as well as other Republicans, have been complaining about nepotism and privilege for the family of Democratic nominee Joe Biden,” particularly Biden’s son Hunter, over the past two weeks.
  • In an online event for the Trump campaign, Guilfoyle said: “We’re in this problem with China because of Biden and his policies, and the way he allows his son to profit off his office.”
  • “Others at this week’s Republican National Convention have repeated the accusation of nepotism, even though the Trump administration and campaign are replete with Trumps,” the report continued.

“Trump’s elder daughter and son-in-law are top White House aides. Middle son Eric’s wife, Lara Trump, is a top campaign official, while Guilfoyle is the finance chair of Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee for the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee,” HuffPost wrote.

  • Both Lara Trump and Guilfoyle “receive $15,000 a month through former campaign manager Brad Parscale’s private firm to avoid publicly disclosing the payments in Federal Election Commission filings,” HuffPost reported.

“The president has also used the power of his office to enrich himself. By insisting on playing golf at his own properties in Florida, New Jersey, Scotland and Ireland, he is able to direct food and lodging payments for his support staff to his own hotels and restaurants,” the report said. An exact amount is unknowable, but “HuffPost estimates that at least several million taxpayer dollars have flowed into his cash registers thus far. That is on top of the $6.9 million his businesses have received from Republican donors from the start of his presidency through June 30, thanks to his campaign and the RNC’s use of Trump properties for office space and fundraisers.”

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