Trump, Jr. Accepts Interview From News Outlet Obsessed With Lizard People

Screengrab / TruNews / Youtube

TruNews reports on secret death squads, lizard people, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The Washington Post has recently reported that Trump Jr. accepted an interview with the “citizen reporters” at TruNews, which is known for articles about lizard people plotting to take down the government. The news site also reports on secret death squads that carry out mass shootings and counts down to “the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

Trump Jr. spoke to Kerry Kinsey, a TruNews correspondent, at a Trump rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday.

In the interview, Trump Jr. discussed fake news, the deep state, and Hillary Clinton. At the end of the conversation, Kinsey had only one request: “Would you tell your dad that TruNews loves your dad and we always give him a fair shake?”

“I’ll do that, guys. Thank you so much. Have a great day,” Trump Jr. responded.

Right Wing Watch researchers have watched TruNews for years and describe Rick Wiles, the founder, as a “crazed conspiracy theorist” who is obsessed with the end times.

“Wiles regularly promotes conspiracy theories about President Obama, the federal government and secret powerful forces working to shape world events and lead to the end of days,” his Right Wing Watch profile says. “He also frequently criticizes LGBT rights and immigration.”

A spokesperson for Trump Jr. said that he didn’t plan to do the interview. “This was not a pre-planned interview and Don had never heard of TruNews or had any awareness of their views until this very moment,” the spokeswoman, Amanda Miller.

Miller said that Trump Jr. was set to be interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, but while he waited for that interview, Trump Jr. did interviews with other news outlets. “Unfortunately, he did not have an opportunity to run a full FBI background check on each and every one,” she said.