Trump ‘Jokes’ Again About Staying Past His Legal Term In Office

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Trump has repeatedly ‘joked’ about extending his rule beyond its legal term.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump joked about overstaying his two-term limit as president, saying to a crowd that he might lead America “at least for 10 or 14 years,” according to The Washington Post.

The comments came the same day as the release of the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report on allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election and of collusion under the Trump administration.

Chief executive of the Wounded Warrior Project, Lt. Gen. Michael S. Linnington, gave the president a trophy out of appreciation for his support for the veterans charity.

“Well, this is really beautiful,” Trump said in the East Room of the White House. “This will find a permanent place, at least for six years, in the Oval Office. Is that okay?”

Following light laughter from the crowd, Trump continued, “I was going to joke, General, and say at least for 10 or 14 years, but we would cause bedlam if I said that, so we’ll say six*.”*

Trump made a similar joke last year in a speech to GOP donors at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Speaking of Chinese President Xi Jinping eliminating term limits, Trump said, “He’s now president for life. President for life. No, he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.”

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