Trump isn't just a bad president. He is an ignorant, bigoted, narcissistic, infantile, disgusting, embarrassing, contemptuous international danger. He was elected by those who are equally as dangerous because of their willful ignorance and lack of class and concern for those who were already disenfranchised before the Banana Nazi declared his candidacy. Like their idol, they have no clue or concern for how the government is supposed to be run. Their level of political astuteness was to let a bull loose in their OWN china shop. Am I being insulting for its own sake? Let me put it this way. Some of his supporters are just shocked--SHOCKED, I TELL YOU! that they're in danger of losing their homes, pensions, social security and health care. Just brilliant.

I would love for Trump supporters to live under his presidency permanently. Unfortunately, in order for that to happen those of us who don't need a sticker on the bottoms of bottles saying "open other end" would have to endure his stench as well. I don't care what Hillary did, there is no excuse for a Trump presidency. NONE.

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Yossarian Johnson
Yossarian Johnson


Trump’s supporters are often the most harmed by his policies too.