Trump Is Threatening To Use The US Military As Mercenaries For Saudi Arabia


President Trump said if U.S. forces are employed to assist Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom will have to provide payment.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, President Donald Trump said if the U.S. military assists Saudi Arabia in responding to the alleged Iranian attack on Saudi oil fields, the Kingdom would be required to pay up, according to ABC News.

Asked by ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl if he believes Saudi Arabia should take responsibility for its own defense, Trump said if the U.S. offers assistance, it will come with a price tag.

"This is something much different than other presidents would mention, Jon, but the fact is that the Saudis are going to have a lot of involvement in this if we decide to do something," the president said. "They'll be very much involved. And that includes payment. And they understand that fully."

In essence, the President of the United States is threatening to use American forces as mercenaries for Saudi Arabia.

Trump was also asked if he has seen evidence that Iran was behind the attack, and he answered, "It is looking that way.” But the president also offered that his administration is “having some very strong studies done" before making its final determination.

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