Trump Is The First American President To Directly Profit From The Adult Industry


Golfers participating in a charity event at President Donald Trump’s Doral golf resort this week will get to choose a “caddy girl” from Shadow Cabaret — a strip club located in Florida — according to The Washington Post.

The event, which is set to benefit a basketball-themed charity called Miami All Stars that serves youth in the area, is called the “Shadow All Star Tournament”, and marketing material for the benefit openly displays the Trump name and family crest.

Emanuele Mancuso, Shadow Cabaret’s marketing director, told the Post that there will be no nudity at the Doral event — the girls will be wearing pink miniskirts and what he described as “a sexy white polo” — but the event also includes a trip to the strip club, where nudity is likely on the menu.

At the cabaret, the women will put on a “very tasteful” burlesque show, which could involve nudity, Mancuso said.

Shadow Cabaret — which “advertises that its strip club offers all-nude dancers, a laser light show and a decor inspired by the Miami drug epic ‘Scarface’” — is offering packages for the charity tournament that include a hotel stay at Doral with services at the strip club.

The director of the charity, Carlos Amilla, indicated he was not thrilled by an association with the strip club but said the money would be helpful, saying, “It doesn’t jive with what we do, you know.”

Amilla told the Post he informed event organizers, “None of my kids are going to be participating in your event.” Still,he said, “if we can get some help, you know, for our programs starting now . . . it would be okay.”

Amilla also displayed a disdain for Trump, citing his immigration policies in particular.

“He’s contrary to everything we believe,” he said of Trump.

As for Trump's feelings about a strip club hosting its event at his golf resort, the idea is unlikely to bother him, despite his recent "shift" toward all things religious.

On at least three occasions, the president has cameo'd in adult films, turning up in Playboy videos in 1994, 2000, and 2001.

Though none of the scenes Trump participated in contained sexuality or nudity of any kind, such scenes can be found elsewhere in the films.

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