Trump Is Scrambling For A Plan To Get Americans Back To Work Quickly

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Public Domain


President Trump wants American back in business by Easter Sunday, but state governors are not as keen on the idea.

President Donald Trump said he wants the U.S. economy up and running by Easter, and his White House is scrambling for a plan to make it happen without worsening the spread of the coronavirus, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Together with public health experts, White House officials are looking at proposals that include possibly testing employees at their workplaces and ramping up contact tracing, officials told the outlet, with a goal of having a proposal prepared for the president by April 12 — Easter Sunday.

Also under consideration is more widespread and targeted testing in areas where coronavirus cases are fewer, the Journal reported, though it is unclear how such a move would play out: the U.S. may not have the capacity yet to increase testing to a significant degree.

But regardless of Trump’s hope of reopening America for business, he lacks the authority to make it happen in any meaningful way. While he can issue guidance on measures to fight the spread or open the economy, it is state governors who have the final say — and they don’t seem to be as keen on a quick reopening as the president.

“While the Trump administration has issued guidelines urging Americans to stay home, the most severe restrictions nationwide have come from governors, who have ordered nonessential businesses to close in at least 24 states and have imposed restrictions on those businesses in a dozen more,” the Journal reported. “Nineteen states plan to or already require residents to stay home. Federal guidelines don’t trump state restrictions.”

Governors from both political parties turned up their noses as Trump’s Easter deadline, according to the report, particularly those in states hardest hit by the pandemic, such as California and New York.

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