Trump Is Reportedly “Bitter” At Puerto Rico For Making Him Look Bad

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Trump is reportedly upset about how much the U.S. has spent to aid Puerto Rico, despite their ongoing food-stamp crisis.

Nearly a year and a half after hurricanes Irma and María devastated Puerto Rico, Trump has told his fellow Republican politicians that the federal government is giving Puerto Rico too much assistance , despite the territory's ongoing food and economic crisis, the Daily Beast reports. Lawmakers in charge of investigating the government’s actions during the aftermath of the storm also say that the White House is working against them.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee's Subcommittee on Government Operations Gerry Connolly told the news publication that key documents from the Trump administration outlining their actions in Puerto Rico in 2017 still haven't reached his desk. The Democratic representative from Virginia said the committee will use its subpoena power to obtain the documents if necessary, and, as a last resort, hold officials in contempt of Congress if they still fail to cooperate.

“This is not an academic exercise,” Connolly said. “People lost their lives.”

Almost 3,000 people died in the disaster and its aftermath, and the struggling island is now facing a food-stamp crisis. According to The Washington Post, Trump reportedly complained about the financial cost of aiding Puerto Rico.

“I’ve taken better care of Puerto Rico than any man ever,” Trump claimed on Thursday before flying to a political rally in Michigan.

A senior official close to Trump said that the president expressed feeling he "has nothing to apologize for" during a conversation about Puerto Rico.

“He’s still clearly very bitter and sensitive about it,” the senior official observed.

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Trump made HIMSELF look bad by behaving inexcusably deplorable. True to his nature though, this narcissist liar-in-chief always tries (and fails) to blame others for his own failures and total lack of awareness about anything.


The narcissism is strong in this one...