Trump Is Compiling A Post-Impeachment Enemies List, Bolton Is At The Top Of It


Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Mitt Romney, and John Bolton are all in the White House's crosshairs, GOP sources say.

Republicans briefed on President Donald Trump’s thinking believe he will be out for revenge once the Senate acquits him on Wednesday, with John Bolton at the top of the list, according to Vanity Fair

“It’s payback time,” a prominent Republican said last week. “He has an enemies list that is growing by the day,” another source said. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Mitt Romey, and John Bolton were frequently named by those sources. 

“Trump’s playbook is simple: go after people who crossed him during impeachment,” one of the anonymous Republican sources said. 

By the time Bolton left the White House in September, his relationship with Trump was already badly damaged. However, after details of Bolton’s memoir were released and placed pressure on Senate Republicans to call witnesses, Trump started his campaign against his former national security adviser. 

The White House sent a cease and desist letter to Bolton’s lawyer on January 23 demanding that his publisher, Simon & Schuster, not release the book in March without removal of certain information.

“Trump has been calling people and telling them to go after Bolton,” a source briefed on the private conversations said. The source added that Trump wants Bolton to be criminally investigated for mishandling classified information.

According to a former officials, the White House is planning to release White House emails from Bolton that allege Bolton abused his position at the National Security Council. West Wing officials have discussed releasing emails “showing [Bolton] was doing pay-to play,” the official said. 

A person close to Bolton dismissed the story: “John plays things straight.”

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