Trump Is An Illegitimate Leader Who Owes His Title To Russia. He Must Be Removed BY 4.0

President Trump continuously fails to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, has has failed to keep the promise he made when he was sworn into office- to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Atlantic argues that instead, Trump has challenged the rule of law and the civil liberties laid out in our constitution. He has divided the country and shrugged away the American conviction that every person, regardless of race, gender, or belief, is created equal.

Trump refuses to disclose or divest from his many financial interests. Instead, he uses his position as president to promote them.

Trump has not shown respect for the rule of law. He has attempted to have the Department of Justice launch criminal probes into his critics and enemies. His attempts to divert and shut down the Mueller probe has led to allegations of his obstruction of justice.

He wants to ban entry to the United States based on the religion of the migrants and he has attacked black protesters.

He has broken his promise to the American people and he has attacked the pillars of democracy.

Impeachment is a protection that the founders installed in the Constitution in the case of a president who abused his authority. The fight over whether or not Trump should be impeached is already happening. Now that the House of Representatives has a Democratic majority, they can open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Many are wary of impeachment, though, because the last time impeachment was attempted on Bill Clinton, it was a political disaster. In fact, Clinton’s popularity rose.

To avoid that mistake, Democrats want to wait for public opinion to turn against Trump before they bring about his impeachment.

The Democrats have become overly cautious, and waiting is as dangerous, if not more, as acting is. Every day Trump is in power he further undermines American ideals.