Trump Interferes In U.K. Election, Throws Support Behind Anti-EU Candidate


Trump’s popularity in Britain may cause his intervention to have the opposite effect of his intentions.

President Donald Trump, in a radio show hosted by one of his friends on the populist right, praised Prime Minister Boris Johnson and claimed that the opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would take the country “into such bad places,” according to NBC News

In his call with leading Brexit supporter Nigel Farage, Trump then proceeded to undermine the prime minister’s core Brexit policy, stating that the deal Johnson negotiated with the European Union would make future, separate agreements with the U.S. impossible. 

“To be honest with you, under certain aspects of the deal…you can’t trade. I mean, we can’t make a trade deal with the U.K.,” Trump said without going into specifics. 

According to the pollster YouGov, only 19 percent of Brits have a positive opinion of Trump, while a study by the Pew Research Center found that more than two thirds say they have no confidence in the president to do the right thing. 

Jeremy Corbyn was quick to capitalize on Trump’s interview, and promoted himself as Trump’s ideological opposite, while relating Johnson as the bedfellow of a president widely disliked in the U.K. 

“Donald Trump is trying to interfere in Britain’s election to get his friend Boris Johnson elected,” Corbyn tweeted minutes after the interview was aired. 

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Of course he does, anything that separates countries is what Putin wants, they are weaker that way, easier to take over.

paul scott
paul scott

What a misnomer The Intellectualist is.

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