Trump Insider Joins Russian Firm After WH Lifts Sanctions Against It

Oleg Deripaska - RUSAL CEOScreengrab / Fox Business / Youtube

Christopher Burnham worked on the Trump transition team and under National Security Adviser John Bolton at the UN.

Following the Trump administration’s lifting of sanctions against the business empire of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, one of his firms — EN+, which is the holding company that owns a large portion of his aluminum company Rusal — took on several new directors.

According to The New York Times, Christopher Burnham is one of those directors:

After the sanctions were officially lifted, EN+ announced the appointment of seven new directors under the deal, including Christopher Bancroft Burnham, a banker who served on Mr. Trump’s State Department transition team and worked in George W. Bush’s State Department.

Burnham also worked for National Security Adviser John Bolton at the United Nations.