Trump: I Want Americans To Fear Me Like North Koreans Fear Kim

President Trump later said he was joking when making comments about wishing "his people" behaved like Kim Jong-un's.

Speaking with Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy at the White House Friday, President Donald Trump continued his praise of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying Kim is a “strong head” of his country and adding that he wants “his people” to listen to him like Kim’s do.

Trump later said he was joking when he made the remark, but watching the interview there is no indication the comment was made tongue-in-cheek.

Via The Hill:

"He’s the head of a country. And I mean, he is the strong head," Trump said of Kim in a tongue-in-cheek manner as he spoke to Steve Doocy of "Fox & Friends" outside the White House.

"Don’t let anyone think anything different. He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same," Trump said.

Context did not make clear whether Trump meant officials who report directly to the leaders or if he was implying all North Koreans and Americans.

Doocy failed to ask for clarification.

Speaking with reporters after the interview who asked him to shed light on the remarks, Trump said he had only been joking.

"I was kidding," he said. "You don't understand sarcasm."

During his interview with Doocy, Trump also said he and Kim have “great chemistry” and a visit from the North Korean leader to the White House is a very real possibility.

Watch the interview above (Kim reference begins at the 17:20 mark).