Trump: I Made Up For Not Serving In Vietnam By Increasing Military Spending

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Public Domain

President Trump stated in an interview that he is ‘making up’ for not serving in Vietnam by increasing military funding.

President Donald Trump said that he would “not have minded at all” serving in the Vietnam war, but that he has made up for avoiding service by increasing funding to the military, according to The Washington Post.

Trump made the comment in an interview with Piers Morgan on “Good Morning Britain” that aired on Wednesday.

Though the president has been accused of dodging service during the Vietnam war, the topic did not come up in the interview.

Trump also stated that he wished he could have served in a war like World War II where a deep pride was taken in liberating an oppressed people from a clear and evil enemy. On the other hand, he believes that the Vietnam war was a terrible one and said he “was never a fan.”

“I thought it was very far away, and at that time nobody ever heard of the country. So many people dying, what is happening over there? So I was never a fan — like we’re fighting against Nazi Germany, we’re fighting against Hitler.”

Trump also suggested his increases to military spending — which The Post noted “will approach $750 billion in 2020” — makes up for his lack of service, saying, “I think I make up for it right now. I think I’m making up for it rapidly.”

In the same interview, Morgan asked why Trump had banned transgender people from serving in the military. Trump responded, “They take massive amounts of drugs. They have to. You’re not allowed to take any drugs in the military.” However, hormones and opioids are permitted substances for military service members.

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