Trump: I Have Done More For Black-Americans Than Anyone Since Abe Lincoln

Screengrab / @BBCWorld / Twitter

Julie Zheng

Trump was mocked for saying he has done more for Black Americans than anyone.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he has “done more for Black Americans than anybody with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln,” in response to Joe Biden calling him “America’s first racist president,” according to HuffPost.

  • As Trump has announced earlier that he will deploy federal squads to more Democrat-run cities, many people have questioned what he was claiming to be. HuffPost also noted that “Trump’s antipathy toward Black Americans goes back decades.”
  • Numerous social media users chimed in with their opinions on the issue.
  • “To be honest Trump has united black voters like no other president, but it’s against him,” an individual posted on Twitter.

  • Another commented, “Trump thinks he has done more for Black Americans in history than even Abraham Lincoln. That must be why black people are writing BLACK LIVES MATTER in giant letters in front of all of his houses.”

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