Trump Holds Rally At Church Whose Pastor Claims To Have Raised The Dead


President Trump seeks to bolster his evangelical base by holding a rally hosted by Pastor Guillermo Maldonado.

Pastor Guillermo Maldonado, the leader of an Apostolic megachurch in Miami, will host the launch of President Trump’s “Evangelicals for Trump” coalition at a Jan. 3 rally, according to Axios

Following the editorial op-ed in Christianity Today that called for Trump’s removal from office, the president has been seeking to strengthen his evangelical base. Maldonado’s West Kendall Church presents the opportunity for him to gain access to one of the country’s largest Hispanic congregations.

“Apostle Maldonado is a staunch supporter of the president, reflecting the great and overwhelming support President Trump has among the evangelical community at large,” said the national press secretary for Trump Victory, Kayleigh McEnany. 

Maldonado was present when Trump signed an executive order protecting free speech and religious liberty and is seen as a controversial figure in Miami politics and religion.

“I was called by God 20-some years ago with a visitation,” Maldonado told Publishers Weekly in 2013. “As I prayed, the presence of God filled my room. His presence fell on me and I started weeping and crying. I heard his voice say, ‘I have called you to bring my supernatural power to this generation.’ I was on the floor for two hours, then I heard the voice again but this time inside me telling me the same thing.”

According to local TV station WPLG, Maldonado has reportedly performed miracles, such as reviving a woman who had been in the morgue for an hour. 

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