Trump Has Yet To Learn The Difference Between Climate And Weather

President Trump is still confusing weather and climate, suggesting cold temperatures preclude a warming planet.

President Donald Trump confused weather with climate in a Wednesday tweet, though it is hardly the first time he has made the mistake.

The president suggested that global warming is not real because the northeastern United States was gearing up for frigid temperatures.

From The Independent:

> “Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS - Whatever happened to Global Warming?” Mr Trump tweeted on Wednesday evening.


> The US president was apparently referring to possible record low temperatures forecast for northeastern US this weekend.


> Mr Trump’s claim echoed another tweet from a year ago, in which he said America would benefit from “a little bit of that good old global warming” when much of the US was inundated with snow.

In fact, the Independent noted that many scientist have swapped out the term “global warming” for “climate change” because “the effects of humans emitting heat-trapping greenhouse gases are more likely to manifest as extreme weather events rather than temperature increases alone.”

Trump’s response to the newer term? He has previously called it a distraction by the “dollar sucking wiseguys”.

Experts on Twitter were quick to note that weather and climate are not the same and chilly temperatures do not disprove the fact that the planet is warming.

> “Weather and climate are not the same thing. Weather moves heat from side to side. Global Warming is heat in vs heat out - top to bottom,” Mike Nelson, a meteorologist, said on Twitter. “Not political, just thermodynamics.”


> Jess Phoenix, a geologist and fellow at the Royal Geographical Society, said: “Your rejection of science will literally kill people. Doubtful any temp records will be broken.

> “Extreme weather like this is EXACTLY what climate models show courtesy of increasing global temps. Stop attacking science for your myopic ignorance.”


> Professor of politics at Maryland University, and former adviser to the Bush and Obama administrations, Shibley Telhami, said: "In my over three decades of teaching, I have never had a student dumb enough to make the kind of inference Trump is making in this tweet."

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