Trump Has Weird Cabinet Meeting Where His Advisers Mechanically Praise Him

Twitter users are denouncing Trump’s cabinet meetings as self-serving exercises to boost the president’s ego.

President Donald Trump drew criticism on social media this week when another of his Cabinet meetings involved members of his administration heaping praise and gratitude on the president.

“Trump is now doing one of those weird Cabinet meetings where he gives each official an opportunity to praise and thank him,” tweeted Vox Journalist Aaron Rupar. “This is actually the only reason the president holds meetings,” commented a user responding to Rupar’s post.

The televised meeting, reminiscent of the Trump’s time on the apprentice, came ahead of the administration's decision to send 1000 additional troops to Poland as concerns about Russia’s military activity increase.

Media organizations, including CNN and The New York Times, have frequently criticized the president's meetings as eclectic, and inaccurate. Writing about a meeting held early this year, the Times said, “For over an hour and a half, President Trump spoke on a variety of topics, including the border wall, Syria, his unpopularity abroad and Mitt Romney. Not all of it was accurate.”