Trump Has The Lowest Two-Year Average Approval Rating Going Back 72 Years

In November, President Trump's approval rating fell to 37%—the lowest any U.S. president has faced since 1945.

ABC News reports that the Trump administration continues to take the blame for the longest government shutdown in history. Despite record low approval ratings for the Trump administration, there is blame for the Democrats as well.

A respective 53% and 60% of the public and Congressional Republicans blame Trump, or disapprove of his handling of the government shutdown.

However, Trump’s approval rating fell to a record low of 37% this November, marking the lowest any US President has faced since 1945. His numbers fell even lower amongst college-educated white women and political independents.

Trump also announced a temporary end to the government shutdown as he backed down from his $5.7B demand for a border wall. Once again, his stance on a border wall remains a salient issue, with less than 45% of Americans saying they support the measure.

The GOP continues to attempt to balance the public’s opinion on illegal immigration. Regardless, Trump’s job approval ratings continue to fall across demographics.