Trump Has Tantrum Over Relief Money For Puerto Rico, Claims They Don’t Need It

The White House said Puerto Rico doesn't need more money and "will most likely not be able to spend it."

President Donald Trump wants no additional relief funding sent to Puerto Rico, congressional leaders and appropriators were told by White House officials, according to CNN.

A White House aide told the network Monday that no cuts to funding previously appropriated for Puerto Rico are planned, but negotiations are underway to ensure new relief funding is not included in a supplemental spending bill that would go toward relief efforts in parts of the south that were hit by hurricanes this year.

> That aide noted Puerto Rican officials haven't yet spent all the money Congress has set aside for them, and said the administration is moving to stop any more money from going to help the island "because they don't need it and will most likely not be able to spend it."


> Trump's latest positioning on Puerto Rico was first reported by Axios. The White House has been making this known on Capitol Hill for "a while now," the congressional leadership aide said.


> Trump has previously taken aim at Puerto Rican officialsfor their management of the billions in relief funds his administration has appropriated for storm recovery, accusing the island's leaders of spending some of that money for reasons other than hurricane clean-up.

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