Trump Has Spent 3X As Much As The Russia Probe By Playing Golf at His Own Clubs

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President Donald Trump has spent over $100 million of taxpayer dollars on golfing trips.

Since the beginning of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference, President Donald Trump has often called the probe a waste of taxpayer dollars, The Root reports.

But he has never shown the same concern for budgetary constraints during his many golf trips, which have cost American taxpayers over $100 million dollars—more than 3 times the cost of the entire Mueller probe.

And not only are the expenses nearly 225 times that of his annual presidential salary, but a huge portion of them are being spent on his own companies. Taxpayers have spent $80 million on the president’s 24 trips to his Florida resort, $17 million on his trips to New Jersey, and more than $3 million for his two-day visit to Scotland last year.

And Trump already has another seven-figure golfing trip to Ireland scheduled, and many of the expenses of that trip will also go to his own resort.

“It’s obviously an incredible waste of money, ” said Robert Weissman, president of consumer rights advocacy group Public Citizen. He then joked, “Of course, the more time he spends golfing, the less time he spends governing, the better.”

And on two separate occasions during Barack Obama’s presidency, Trump slammed the then-president for spending too much time golfing.

“I play golf to relax. My company is in great shape. @BarackObama plays golf to escape work while America goes down the drain,” Trump tweeted in 2011.

And in 2014, he wrote, “Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter.”

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Let's talk about how much Obama has spent let's talk about how the Democrats hasn't done shit since Trump became president and how much they have spent trying to impeach him put out some real fucking news