Trump Has Ivanka Join His Phone Calls With Foreign Leaders

Official White House Photo/Public Domain


Trump has shirked typical protocol when it comes to speaking with foreign leaders, even passing the phone to Ivanka.

Sometimes while speaking on the phone with foreign leaders, President Donald Trump will hand the phone to his daughter, according to The Associated Press — and this is just one of the unusual aspects of his calls with foreign heads of state.

Along with giving Ivanka Trump the opportunity to chat up foreign leaders, the president also forgoes pre-call briefings that were standard in prior administrations.

Previously, “top foreign policy officials routinely briefed a president in person right before a call and provided written materials as well,” but Trump administration officials quickly learned that this president was not keen on such protocol.

“One individual with firsthand knowledge of how the Trump calls with foreign leaders are handled said the president ‘hates’ such ‘pre-briefs’ and frequently has refused to do them,” the AP reported. Instead, Trump prefers to make such phone calls from his private residence in the mornings, opting to handle the calls himself rather than rely on written background material.

Officials once prepared the president a six-page pre-brief with attachments, according to the AP’s source, but it was apparent this was too long for Trump’s taste. A single-page version fared no better.

Pre-brief note cards with no more than three talking points became the norm, and when Trump finishes his phone calls, he “often rips them up and tosses them in a burn bag.”

“Staff who handle records have had to retrieve the burn bags from the residence, put the papers out on a table and tape them back together to preserve them as official presidential records,” the AP reported.

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