Trump Has Destroyed The Nation He Promised To Make Great Again

Megan Everts

President Donald Trump’s attacks against the media, science, and government are harming the United States.

President Donald Trump has taken “decades of politically-motivated attacks” discrediting the media, science, and government to a new level, “[leaving] the American public in a vulnerable position,” writes The Brookings Institution.

  • Trump has a history of vilifying the media, calling the press “absolute scum” and “totally dishonest people,” in addition to calling news organizations “fake news” and “the enemy of the people.”
  • Science has also been attacked by Trump, as he has “routinely disagreed with scientific experts,” “[failed] to fill hundreds of vacancies in the Centers for Disease Control,” and “[disbanded] the National Security Council’s taskforce on pandemics.”
  • Finally, Trump has “consistently demeaned essential government agencies, labeling them part of a ‘deep state.’”

This lack of trust predates Trump, as Brookings notes:

According to the American National Election Study, back in the 1960s, more than 70% of Americans trusted “the government in Washington to do what is right” either “most of the time” or “just about always.” In the last few decades, that percentage has regularly been in the teens and twenties.

However, Trump’s heightened attacks are dangerous, serving only to worsen the already negative effects of a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic.

  • For example, if people rely on “rumors and news from fringe websites” instead of health advice provided by the CDC and other government agencies, there could be a resurgence of new cases.
  • Although the lack of trust can be used as a political strategy, it can have “catastrophic consequences when those very institutions are the key to protecting public health and saving lives.”

Ultimately, Brookings argues that “now more than ever” politicians and media personalities should pursue policies “without undermining the public’s trust in the media, science, and government agencies.”

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