Trump Has Destroyed GOP, Leaving The Presidency And Congress In Democratic Hands

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead / Public Domain


Democrats look set to take control of the Senate, dealing the final blow to a GOP that allowed its own destruction.

Republicans sold out their party to Donald Trump in 2016, ostensibly in hopes of getting the judges and tax cuts they now claim as victories, but as Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty wrote on Wednesday, the GOP traded those victories for a complete devastation of their own party at the hands of the president.

To Trump, the party of Lincoln was a rental vehicle, one that he took for a joyride and is getting ready to turn back in, with trash jammed under the seats and stains covering the upholstery. Also, the tank is empty, and there’s a crack in the windshield.

Now, Democrats look set to take control of not only the White House but both chambers of Congress.

Democrat Raphael Warnock has won his Senate race in Georgia, defeating Republican Kelly Loeffler, a billionaire who had reinvented herself as a Trumpist, right down to the trucker cap that she started wearing atop her expensively styled blond locks.

If Democrat Jon Ossoff’s lead over David Perdue, whose Senate term expired Sunday, holds up in the remaining Georgia Senate race, Republicans will have managed to lose the presidency, the House and the Senate during Trump’s four years in office.

“Quite the trifecta,” Tumulty noted.

Republicans also “have lost any legitimate claim that they stand for constitutional principles and conservative values,” she wrote.

“Republicans knew what he was when they made the bargain they did, transforming themselves from a party that claimed to stand for conservative values to one that was willing to become whatever Trump demanded it to be,” Tumulty concluded. “It got some judges and some tax cuts along the way.”

But this fealty was never going to be a mutual one. The GOP is of no use to Trump anymore — except as a target for blame and recrimination.

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