Trump Gives $5.1M To Family-Planning Group That Doesn’t Offer Contraception

Charlotte Cooper/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Simultaneously, Planned Parenthood affiliate groups that serve 40,000 people have been stripped of funding.

The White House has announced plans to give $5.1 million to a group of anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers that do not provide any contraceptives. The Obria Group, a non-profit based in Southern California that claims itself as "led by God", works to siphon both resources and patients away from Planned Parenthood.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced the grant on Friday. It also announced that it would cut funds to Planned Parenthood affiliate organizations. CEO of Essential Access Health Julie Rabinovitz spoke out against the government's decision to add Obria to the program because of its lack of contraceptive options.

“We’re very concerned that by Obria entering into the program, they are denying women information about all their health care options,” she said. “It could really reduce the progress we have made in reducing unintended pregnancies.”

Also based in California, Essential Access Health will receive $21 million in 2019 for its work to offer family planning services.

The Trump administration's decision to give $5.1 million to Obria over the next three years demonstrates its desire to back conservative, faith-based family planning groups. The family planning funds come from Title X, the federal program that sponsors birth control, cancer screenings, and other medical services for millions of people.

On Friday, Planned Parenthood announced that four of its affiliate organizations, which offer services to 40,000 patients across Hawaii, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia, were "stripped of funding."

“Today, they are removing funding from these trusted health centres and providing funding to entities that do not provide evidence-based treatment,” Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen said.

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