Trump Gets Antiviral Cocktail As Symptoms Worsen

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain


President Trump received an antiviral drug cocktail from Regeneron, according to his physician.

President Trump was given a cocktail of drugs from Regeneron, according to a memo from the president’s physician, and reportedly has been running a low-grade fever.

The Associated Press reported,

Just this week Regeneron said its trial antiviral drug cocktail -- named REGN-COV2 -- reduced the coronavirus load and the time needed to ease symptoms in non-hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Two people close to Trump told The New York Times that his symptoms include a low-grade fever, nasal congestion and a cough.

Trump was flown to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday afternoon in what the White House described as a precautionary measure.

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