Trump Federal Reserve Nominee Stiffed Ex-Wife Out Of Child Support And Alimony

Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

Moore was held in contempt for failing to pay his wife over $300,000 for child support, alimony, and divorce.

According to CNBC, Trump federal reserve nominee Stephen Moore was held in contempt of court in 2012 for not paying $300,000 to his ex-wife for alimony, child support, and a divorice settlement.

Allison Moore, the ex-wife, accused Stephen Moore of “emotional and psychological abuse.” She eventually fled to their home in Virginia in order to protect herself.

In the end, Moore gave Allison about two-thirds of what he owed her. This came after a judge ordered the sale of Stephen’s house in order to satisfy his debt to her in 2013. Stephen and Allison Moore have three children together.

In response, Stephen Moore said: "I think it [reinforces] how sleazy the media is resorting to tabloid journalism."

Moore added that he does not think these revelations about his relationship with his ex-wife will hurt the chances of his nomination being approved by the Senate.

Stephen and Allison Moore both sent CNBC statements through his public affairs executive, Stacey Chamberlin.

Stephen Moore said: "Allison Moore and I were married for 19 years and have three wonderful sons whom we have co-parented. Our divorce was settled amicably many years ago and we remain on friendly terms to this day. She is a terrific mother and I hold her in the highest regard."

"Allison, our kids and my current wife would hope that the media would please respect our privacy. I am happy to speak to the media on any matters related to the economy or my views on the Fed," Stephen Moore said.

Allison Moore said: "Steve Moore and I reconciled through our divorce many years ago and we would hope the media would respect our privacy. We remain on cordial terms."

In Allison’s court filing, she said that her husband had extra-marital relations during their marriage of 20 years. He allegedly talked about his relationship with another woman “openly and tastelessly” with his wife.

Moore’s nomination to the federal reserve has been controversial. Former economics advisor to President George W. Bush, Greg Mankiw, said that Moore doesn’t have the “intellectual gravitas for this important job.”