Trump Exploits Death Of NFL Player To Push Anti-Immigrant Policy

Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver were both killed when an inebriated undocumented immigrant struck their vehicle.

President Donald Trump drew upon the tragic death of NFL player Edwin Jackson, who was killed Monday when his vehicle was struck by a drunk driver, in support of more stringent immigration policies and ahead of signing a national security memorandum establishing a "National Vetting Center".

The man who is charged in Jackson's death is an undocumented immigrant.

In a Tuesday morning tweet, the president used Jackson's death to shame Democrats and insist on tougher immigration enforcement. In a subsequent tweet, Trump sent thoughts and prayers to Jackson's family.

Unmentioned, however, was the football player's Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe, who also died in the accident.

So, what's this National Vetting Center?

"It's unclear how this effort will change the way travelers and immigrants to the US are vetted," CNN reports. "While the center's efforts are largely expected to focus on visa applicants, immigrants and others looking to enter the US, the center will also look to streamline vetting of certain individuals who are already in the US, including those subject to deportation proceedings, according to the National Security Council official.