Trump Explains Sudan's Removal From Travel Ban List

This is maybe the most the least sensical answer that Donald Trump could give to the question presented. (photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

I am not sure if this is fast-talking hucksterism, or something physiological...or some combination of both.

Well, you see, by removing countries from the travel ban, it's actually tougher, because, hey look! NFL players aren't patriotic!


The ferret-wearing shitgibbon is running his stupid mouth again. Somebody expected logic???


It is not the removal of Sudan that is a mystery but the addition of Chad....The story behind the Niger ambush begins many years back, since 2007 the US and France have relied heavily upon the Chadian Special Forces supplied and trained by the US and France to be the stalwart force in Niger, Nigeria and Mali (they participated in the liberation of Timbuktu). They are the most reliable and battle-hardened troops in the region that HAD Boko Harum on the run...

In the third iteration of Trump's travel ban he removed the volatile and terrorist ridden country of Sudan and for unknown reasons inserted the similarly shaped and adjacent nation of Chad... One of our most stalwart allies in the WOT...

The Chadians asked the State Dept why? It was incomprehensible to them and the REST of the ENTIRE foreign policy and national security community. And they said so loudly. France protested, the American military protested... There was NO RESPONSE from the Trump Administration*. NONE.

The Chadians completed the withdrawal of all their forces from Niger two days before this incident...

THAT is what they don't want to talk about...