Trump EPA: Mercury Limits On Coal Plants Are Too Costly And Not 'Necessary'

Pixabay / Public Domain

The EPA has decided that limiting mercury emissions from coal- and oil-fired plants is not "appropriate or necessary."

The Environmental Protection Agency recently stated that it was not cost-effective to limit mercury and other toxic emissions from coal- and oil-fired power plants and that it should not be considered as “appropriate and necessary,” according to NPR.

Although the agency will be keeping regulations on the emissions from 2012 in place, the statement indicates possible intention to repeal the regulations.

This statement has caused concern for environmental groups, many of which are quick to cite the dangers of these emissions to public health and how the agency may be quick to forget “co-benefits” which include the prevention of thousands of premature deaths per year.

The weakening on mercury limits also falls in line with the Trump administration’s practice of attempting to “help the struggling coal business” which is suffering in the market and falling under heavy critique for the number of carbon emissions produced.

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