Trump Doctor Says Bodyguard, Lawyer 'Stole' Trump's Original Medical Files

Dr. Harold Bornstein said Tuesday that officials "stole" the president's records; the White House says he "overreacted".

In response to President Donald Trump’s former doctor stating that his office was “raided” by individuals connected to Trump, a source familiar with the situation told CNN that Harold Bornstein merely “overreacted” to handing over the president’s medical records.

We now have the first explanation from the Trump side about what happened in Dr. Bornstein’s records. The explanation is different. But it raises some big questions, some big legal questions on it’s own. According to CNN: A source very familiar with what happened “said that the doctor overreacted, made a very big deal about the question and then couldn’t get his photo copy machine to work.”

Borstein gave a much different account of what happened in an interview with NBC, saying that his office was “raided” and indicating he did not grant permission for original files to be removed from the premises.

Speaking with CNN, Bornstein said former Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller and Trump Organization attorney Allen Garten "barged through the back door, terrified the secretary, pushed aside the patient who was in there."

Asked if a crime was committed, Bornstein replied, “They stole them.”