Trump Dismisses Traumatic Brain Injuries Suffered By US Service Members (Again)

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/Public Domain


“Head trauma—that exists, but...I viewed it a little bit differently than most and I won’t be changing my mind on that."

The number of U.S. service members diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after Iran’s attack on the Al Asad airbase in Iraq in January has grown to 109, but President Donald Trump is holding tight to his view that the injuries are no big deal, according to Bloomberg News.

During an interview with Fox Business on Monday, Trump once again downplayed the suffering of American troops, whose injuries came when Iran retaliated for Trump’s strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

“They landed in a way that didn’t hit anybody,” Trump said of Iran’s strike on the Iraqi base housing American troops. “And so when they came in and told me that nobody was killed, I was impressed by that and, you know, I stopped something that would have been very devastating for them.” Bloomberg noted that Trump did not specify what action he stopped.

Trump went on to say that he later discovered there had been “head trauma” injuries, which he described last month as “headaches,” and said such injuries were not similar to more significant injuries, like losing an arm or leg.

“Head trauma -- that exists, but it’s, you know, I viewed it a little bit differently than most and I won’t be changing my mind on that,” the president told Fox Business on Monday.

Bloomberg noted that 33 of the 109 injured service members have not returned to duty following the attack, and of those 33, 21 were sent back to the U.S. for further evaluation and treatment.


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