Trump Dismissed Concerns About Indoor Rally Because He Wasn’t In Crowd

Screengrab / CBS News / YouTube


President Trump said he was "not at all concerned" about catching the virus because he was on a stage.

In a Sunday interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, President Donald Trump said he did not believe he was subject to orders from Nevada’s governor limiting the size of indoor crowds and indicated he was unconcerned about the coronavirus because he wouldn’t be in the crowd.

Trump said in his interview with the Review-Journal that he is not afraid of getting the coronavirus from speaking at the indoor rally.

“I’m on a stage and it’s very far away,” Trump said. “And so I’m not at all concerned.”

“I’m more concerned about how close you are, to be honest,” Trump told a Review-Journal reporter who thought she was socially distanced.

Trump also attacked Gov. Steve Sisolak during the interview, calling the Democrat “a political hack.”

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