Trump Did A ‘Fist-Bump’ Handshake With The Queen Of England


President Trump greeted the Queen with an unusual handshake that left some calling it more of a fist bump.

President Donald Trump greeted Queen Elizabeth with an unusual handshake at Buckingham Palace on Monday, leading some on social media to wonder if the president had offered the top royal a fist bump instead.

The Independent reported that a photo of the meeting seems to show Trump grasping only the Queen’s fingers in his fist, creating the appearance of a fist bump or “a complicated multi-part ‘ghetto’ handshake.”

Others thought it looked like the president attempted a “thumb war” with the Queen.

Despite the awkward greeting— which only adds to the list of Trump’s unique handshakes — meeting the Queen entails no “obligatory codes of behaviour”, according to the Royal Family’s website.

The Independent noted that the website does suggest that “men bow their heads or ‘shake hands in the usual way.’”

But Trump is not one for executing handshakes “in the usual way”:

“The pugnacious tycoon is famed for his aggressive handshakes and has previously been known to grab the other person’s hand and yank them towards him in an apparent show of dominance.”

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