Trump: Dems Should Say “We're With The President. We'll Do Whatever He Wants.”

Michael Vadon / CC-BY-4.0 / Flickr

President Donald Trump apparently believes that his powers are unlimited.

President Donald Trump asserts that democratic legislators are a key obstacle towards negotiating border security with Mexico along the southern border of the U.S.

Trump believes he has lost his leverage at the negotiating table with Mexico because of democrats’ failure to cooperate with him, according to a post on twitter.

“And I have senators and others and Pelosi coming out and saying how horrible. What they’re doing is hurting a deal. They should say we’re with the President. We’ll do whatever he wants to do and Mexico would fold like an umbrella,” Trump said.

Cooperation from democrats is necessary, according to Trump, because of the demanding requests he is making of Mexico.

“They’re hurting my negotiation. Because I go into the room with the Mexicans, I’m asking for everything. And by the way, if they don’t do it I’m putting the tariffs on,” Trump said.

Labeled as an “invasion,” Trump purports the increase of migrants along the southern border as a threat to the country.

“People get angry when I use the word invasion…They send in 500 billion dollar’s worth of drugs. They kill 100,000 people. They ruin a million families every year. If you look at that, that’s really an invasion without the guns,” Trump said.

Trump is seeking to use tariffs as a negotiating point when working on border security with Mexico but is unable to do so effectively because of opposition from democrat legislators.

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