Trump Continues To Deceive Families About The Remains Of Lost Soldiers Overseas


The U.S. military announced in May that North Korea had ceased communications regarding the return of soldiers' remains.

The Pentagon announced in May that its program tasked with retrieving soldiers’ remains from North Korea was suspended, after the country ceased communications with the U.S. agency responsible for the effort.

But apparently no one told President Donald Trump, because he continues claiming that North Korea is still sending the remains of American soldiers back to the United States.

In June, Trump said, "We've had, as you know, the remains of the heroes, our great heroes from many years ago -- that's coming back, and coming back as they find them, and as they find the sites and the graves, and they're sending them back.”

The president’s use of the present tense was inaccurate, as the sending back of remains had already ceased. CNN noted, however, that “North Korea returned 55 cases of possible remains in the summer of 2018.”

But in an August 9 exchange with reporters, Trump made the claim again, insisting that North Korea continues to find and return the remains of American service members.

"We got back, and we're getting back, as we speak, we're getting back a lot of our fallen heroes. You know that. They're coming back into and through Hawaii,” the president said.

However, as noted previously, the Pentagon's Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency said in May that this was no longer taking place.

“The agency said North Korea had not spoken with the agency at all since the Hanoi summit in February between Trump and Kim Jong Un, which ended abruptly,” CNN noted on Wednesday.

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And, from what I have been able to read from other sources, not every box has human remains in them. Its possible we have five sets of remains and the rest are just boxes of dirt..Cheetocheeks is being irresponsible by holding out hope to the families..

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