Trump Claims Vets Bill As 2019 Accomplishment, But It Was Signed By Obama

Department of Defense/Public Domain


President Barack Obama signed the Veteran's Choice Act into law. President Trump merely signed an update to the bill.

President Donald Trump tweeted on the last day of 2019 that one of his “greatest honors” was to sign a bill into law that gave veterans more options related to their healthcare.

But as many were quick to note, it was Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, who signed the Veteran’s Choice Act into law during his second term.

Nevertheless, Trump insisted that other presidents had “tried for decades, and failed!”

TPM pointed out that while he did not sign the original bill, Trump “did grow eligibility for the program by decreasing the amount of time a veteran has to wait before being allowed to see a private doctor.”

The publication noted that the original version of the bill, sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), required that veterans “wait 30 days before seeking private help if the VA was full.”

The bill Trump signed revised this stipulation, now allowing veterans to “seek private help if the wait is more than 20 days or a VA facility is more than 30 minutes away.”


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