Trump Claims To Have No Financial Ties To The Saudis. This Tape Says Otherwise.


President Trump wants America to believe he has no problematic business ties to Saudi Arabia, but it simply isn't true.

As interest in President Donald Trump’s ties to Saudi Arabia have come under greater scrutiny, he tweeted Tuesday morning that he has “no financial interests” in the country and calling reports to the contrary “FAKE NEWS”.

Though it might be true that Trump is not currently doing business in Saudi Arabia, it is untrue that he has no business interests with Saudis.

During a 2015 campaign rally, Trump said himself that he is friendly with Saudi Arabia and bragged about the real estate he has sold to Saudis:

And earlier this month, The Washington Post reported that Saudi business is booming at Trump hotels in the U.S. after Trump’s election, with just one visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his entourage to Trump International Hotel in New York boosting room rentals by 13 percent in the first quarter.


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