Trump Claims School Shootings Are Caused By A Lack Of Guns

President Trump firmly believes that gun-free zones invite school shootings.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday morning in support of his newly released gun safety package, insisting that mass shootings are to be expected without armed guards or teachers to deter would-be murderers.

“If schools are mandated to be gun free zones, violence and danger are given an open invitation to enter. Almost all school shootings are in gun free zones. Cowards will only go where there is no deterrent!” Trump tweeted Monday morning.

Previously, Trump tweeted that armed guards are "OK" and a "deterrent" but failed to mention that the armed security guard at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School failed to enter the building or otherwise deter the shooter.

The president also brought up his previous proposal to raise the age for purchasing rifles from 18 to 21, saying there is not much support for the idea:

"On 18 to 21 Age Limits, watching court cases and rulings before acting. States are making this decision. Things are moving rapidly on this, but not much political support (to put it mildly)."

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was tapped by the White House to head a commission charged with nailing down the details, and in recent interviews, DeVos indicated the commission is considering numerous safety measures.

Devos said “everything is on the table” for the commission when asked several times about the dropped age restriction Monday morning. Various safety reforms are under consideration, she added.

The education chief wouldn’t elaborate, however, on who would pack a gun at a school under Trump’s plan.

“This is an issue that is best decided by local communities and by states,” DeVos said Monday on NBC News’ “Today.” “It's not going to be appropriate in every location, but it is going to be appropriate in some places.”

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Why are guns banned at all of his events?