Trump Claims People Went Easy On Amb. Yovanovitch Because "She's A Woman"

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour/Public Domain


"I said, ‘Why are you being so kind?’ ‘Well, sir, she’s a woman. We have to be nice.'"

During a phone interview with Fox & Friends on Friday morning, President Donald Trump claimed he was told that people treated former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch “so kind” because “she’s a woman.”

"I said, ‘Why are you being so kind?’ ‘Well, sir, she’s a woman. We have to be nice,' " Trump said, according to The Hill. "She’s very tough. I heard bad things."

The president complained during the interview that Yovanovitch did not hang his portrait on the wall in the embassy in Ukraine for “a year and a half, two years” and said the career diplomat was “an Obama person.”

"This was not an angel this woman, OK?" Trump said at one point during the interview, adding: "And there was a lot of things that she did that I didn’t like, and we'll talk about that at some point, but I just want to let you know, this was not a baby that we’re dealing with.”

Yovanovitch, who was ultimately removed from her post after a smear campaign headed by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, testified this week in an impeachment hearing. The ambassador described for the House Intelligence Committee how the president’s allies painted her as anti-Trump in an effort to have her ousted from Ukraine.

Trump has insisted he has every right to recall an ambassador, which is true, but Yovanovitch took issue with the way it was handled. She told impeachment investigators: “I obviously don't dispute that the president has the right to withdraw an ambassador at any time for any reason, but I do wonder why it was necessary to smear my reputation also.”

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