Trump Claims Many “Illegal” Immigrants Are Actually Pedophiles

This is coming from a man who endorsed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

On Sunday, President Trump took to Twitter stating that thousands of undocumented immigrants have been imprisoned in Texas for “sexual crimes against children”, according to The Independent. Trump’s statements follow his increased rhetoric against undocumented immigrants to amplify his necessity for a border wall.

Trump’s claim on Twitter came from John Jones of the Texas Department of Public Safety who, at an immigration roundtable at the White House, stated that over 4,000 immigrants had been incarcerated for sexual assault “in the last seven years”. The Independent reported that according to DPS statistics, there had been 2,837 convictions of sexual assault with no clarification as to how many of those convictions were offenses against children.

“Mr. Trump has claimed the thousands number despite not being able to fully justify that figure, as he hardens his rhetoric over the border wall...He said that the crime could be ended “easily” with a wall.”

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His crime spree could be ended easily with impeachment. Or federal charges. Resigning might sound like a good option. Take your pick.