Trump Claims He Doesn’t Know Matt Whitaker One Month After Claiming He Did

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On October 11, President Trump told Fox & Friends he knows Matt Whitaker. On November 9, he changed his story.

President Donald Trump would have Americans believe that he knows absolutely nothing about the individual he chose as acting attorney general in the wake of Jeff Sessions’ departure from the Justice Department.

But as with many utterances from the current president, Trump’s Friday claim is contradicted by his own prior statements*.*

Via RawStory:

> During his lengthy rant to reporters on Friday on the White House lawn, the president responded defensively to questions about why he appointed Whitaker to run the Department of Justice — and he even denied knowing the man he tapped to be the nation’s top law enforcement officer at all.

> “I don’t know Matt Whitaker,” Trump claimed. “Matt Whitaker worked for Jeff Sessions. And he was always extremely highly thought of, and he still is. But I didn’t know Matt Whitaker.”

But on October 11, Trump told the hosts of Fox & Friends that he does in fact know Whitaker:

> During the interview, Fox host Steve Doocy asked Trump if there was any truth to aWashington Postreport claiming that the president was considering replacing then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions with Whitaker, who at the time was Sessions’ chief of staff.

> Trump wouldn’t say one way or another whether he really intended to replace Sessions with Whitaker, but he was full of praise for the man who would go on to become his acting AG.

> “I can tell you Matt Whitaker’s a great guy,” Trump said. “I mean, I know Matt Whitaker.”

Trump's remarks begin at about 34:40 in the video below:


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