Trump Cites Sean Hannity As Proof That U.S. Has Enough Ventilators

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President Trump told Sean Hannity that he saw on Hannity's show that states have plenty of ventilators.

President Donald Trump phoned in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday and claimed vindication for his comments that states had plenty of ventilators, according to Salon.

Trump told the host he had been "right" that states are "not needing nearly as many beds as they thought. They're not needing as many ventilators as they thought."

And how did the president know? "In fact, I just saw on your show — and a couple of other people just reported back to me — that everyone is in great shape from the standpoint of ventilators, which are very hard because they are expensive, and they're big, and you know, they are very high tech," Trump told Hannity.

"But they are very hard to get,” he added, “and we are building thousands of them. And we have that in good shape."

Governors and hospitals across the U.S. have complained of shortages and said the federal government has swooped in to take their orders of medical supplies — including ventilators.

But Trump likely was referencing the fact that New York, which was hit particularly hard by the coronavirus outbreak, has said it is requiring fewer ventilators than initially projected.

Governor Andrew Cuomo previously said he estimated the state would need about 30,000 ventilators, but New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged this week that they have only required about a third of the initial projections.

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