Trump Chooses Mar-A-Lago Handbag Designer To Be Ambassador To South Africa

Courtesy of Lana Marks Handbags / Instagram

Lana Marks is a member of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago whose ‘specialty’ is designing $19,000 handbags.

According to Quartz, President Trump’s pick for ambassador to South Africa is Lana Marks, the well-known founder and creator of a handbag line.

Marks’ handbag line is just as well-known amongst celebrities as she is. She once had a friendship with Princess Diana and she is a popular member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. However, Marks has little to none experience in diplomacy or in the geopolitical world.

This move by President Trump shows that he will continue to choose individuals successful in the business world with close ties to him over those with diplomatic experience.

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What the fuck is she wearing?

Did she make that out of the decorations in her great grandmother's Victorian mansion?

The fact that Republicans continually approve these appointments is a slap in the face of democracy and an attack upon what government institutions actually do serve the people.


She was born and raised in South Africa and speaks Afrikaans and Xhosa. This article should have mentioned that.


Nothing says 'tact' and 'intellengence' like a big pink handbag! Good choice, trump.