Trump Charging People $150K To Speak With Him During Visit To California

Donald Trump Offical Portrait / Public Domain

For $50k, you can have a photo with the President of the United States.

Independent reports that on Donald Trump’s campaign trip to California next week, he plans on charging for people to meet him. A ticket to the event is $15,000, which includes dinner and a meeting with the President. Those hoping to get a photograph with the President will have to pay $50,000 per ticket. Anyone who wants the opportunity to speak with Trump during the roundtable discussion will have to pay $150,000 to his election campaign fund.

It is not yet clear how many tickets are available for this event, or where the April 5 event will be held. Usually, presidential travel locations are not disclosed until after the president arrives at the location.

This event comes after reports that nearly $1.3 million of donations to Trump’s election campaign was transferred to businesses owned by the president.

Trump’s national approval ratings currently hover at just below 42 percent. On average, he is much less popular in California compared to other states. In California he has a 30 percent approval rating.