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President Donald Trump is no stranger to the business world, and in his latest attempt to woo the hearts and dollars of American consumers, the U.S. president has launched an initiative to honor fallen troops on Memorial Day.

And no, this is not a fundraising effort for struggling veterans or their families. It’s something better—a 25 percent off coupon code for the official Donald J. Trump online store!

You can use the code “MEMORIAL” to save on the MAGA hat you’ve always wanted or a “Veterans for Trump” shirt to honor Memorial Day. There’s even a t-shirt that says “LGBTQ for Trump” proudly with a rainbow flag in the background just in time for PRIDE month (though it’s tucked away in the sales section that’s cleverly renamed the “deals” page because, oddly enough, not that many Trump supporters support LGBTQ pride, apparently.)

To top it all off, a convenient search of coupon tracking site Coupon Follow reveals that the Memorial Day sale is the 9th site-wide coupon code the president’s store has released this month. It seems like every three days is Black Friday for fans of Trump merch.