Trump Campaign Sues New Jersey Over Mail-In Voting

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The lawsuit was filed after Gov. Phil Murphy issued an executive order requiring mail-in ballots be sent to all voters.

According to The Hill, the Trump campaign sued New Jersey on Tuesday after Governor Phil Murphy (D) signed an executive order that will see every voter in the state receive a mail-in ballot as a safety measure amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • While all of New Jersey’s 6.3 million registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot, the order also keeps a “A number of polling stations will still be open for residents who want to cast their ballots in person.”
  • “The lawsuit, obtained by Reuters, was filed in the U.S. District Court for New Jersey to invalidate “Executive Order 177,” The Hill reported.
  • The Trump campaign claims in the lawsuit “Murphy appropriated power that belongs to the New Jersey state legislature when he overhauled the state’s election law” and alleges that “he violated both the Elections Clause and the Electors Clause of the U.S. Constitution. It also accuses Murphy of violating the 14th Amendment.”
  • Deputy campaign manager Justin Clark wrote in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that New Jersey voters "who want to vote in person face a real threat that their ballots won’t be counted.”
  • “Clark links to a 2016 investigation by the New Jersey outlet Ashbury Park Press which found 2,460 voters on the rolls who had been dead for at least five years, nearly 60 of whom had apparently cast votes after they died,” The Hill noted.

However, that same investigation found “that those votes were likely counted due to clerical errors rather than fraud, and no election outcomes were changed because of it,” the news outlet wrote.

“All this shows how the state voting rolls have many more names than live voters, but voting records show there is no apparent intentional fraud, at least when it comes to the ‘dead’ voting,” the study states. “In a pool of 4.9 million registered voters, it would take a zombie army to change the outcome of a statewide election.”

  • The Hill noted that the Trump campaign has also filed suit against Nevada, which made a similar move to provide mail-in ballots for all of the state’s voters. A key difference in that state, however, is that the measure was passed by lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Steve Sisolak (D).

President Trump “has for weeks made exaggerated and inaccurate claims about mail-in voting, saying that the election will be ‘rigged’ and ‘fraudulent’ if Americans vote through the mail.” But “Experts have insisted that there is no meaningful evidence suggesting mail-in voting contributes to voter fraud.”

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