Trump Campaign Slashes Ad Spending In Key States In Cash Crunch

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Joe Biden spent $97.7M to President Trump's $21.6M on broadcast and cable ads between August 10 and September 7.

According to Bloomberg, the Trump campaign “ is scaling back its television advertising spending and in some cases abandoning it altogether for now in key states, facing a cash crunch brought on by huge investments in staff and operations.”

[President Donald] Trump’s re-election campaign vowed last month to saturate voters early with ads in battleground states where voters cast large numbers of ballots before Election Day. But with 50 days until the election, the campaign is canceling ads in states he’ll need to win. In those crucial states, Trump lags Democratic nominee Joe Biden in polling, and Biden has more money to spend.

Between Aug. 10 and Sept. 7, Biden spent $97.7 million on broadcast and cable ads, while Trump spent $21.6 million, according to ad-tracking firm Advertising Analytics.

Bloomberg noted that Biden outspent Trump in some key battleground states, including Wisconsin, where “Biden spent $9.2 million to Trump’s $1.5 million,” and Florida, where “Biden spent $23.2 million to Trump’s $6.4 million.”

“They are in a cash crunch. It’s obvious by looking at these numbers,” said Republican strategist Bryan Lanza, deputy communications director for Trump’s 2016 campaign. “As with any campaign, you adapt to the environment. They can’t cut from payroll, they can’t cut from operating so they’ve got to cut from TV. That’s not killer, but it’s a problem. You always want to have a strategic advantage when you’re competing against anybody and when you lose it, that’s a problem.”

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